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Serving since 2007
We are a Tempo Rental firm which offers it’s own (total 14) Tempo Traveller in Jaipur for outstation trip, marriages in Jaipur, sightseeing tour, etc. Our office is in Chandpole Bazar, and we own 14 tempo traveller, divided into 5 categories, enabling us to offer the best services and fare for Tempo Traveller in Jaipur.

Our fare starts from:

1 Tempo traveller Jaipur

12 seater tempo traveller

Fare: ₹ 20-22 per km
Capacity: 9 to 12 pax
16 seater tempo traveller Jaipur

16 seater tempo traveller

Fare: ₹ 23-25 per km
Capacity: 16 pax
20 seater tempo traveller

20 seater tempo traveller

Fare: ₹ 28-30 per km
Capacity: 20 pax

Maharaja tempo traveller

Fare: ₹ 25 per km
Capacity: 9 to 10 pax
12 seater tempo traveller
We are offering our services from 2007, when we bought our 1st Force Motor Tempo traveller & now we have 14 tempo traveller to provide excellent service at best price.

Above images of tempo traveller in this website are of our own vehicles and you can contact us at 7232007704, to book a tempo traveller in Jaipur or even check our tempo’s at our office in Chandpole Bazar, Jaipur.
Phone: +91 7232007704E-mail: kukasguesthouse@gmail.comMake Booking

About our services:

Pushback seats Tempo traveller Jaipur

Tempo traveller features:

  1. Pushback seats
  2. AC on all windows
  3. Silent engine
  4. LED Tv (on-demand)
  5. Sofa seats in Maharaja traveller (9 pax)
  6. Tinted Glass in some models
fare ttj

Tempo traveller Fare:

  1. ₹ 13-14 for 9 & 12 seater tempo
  2. ₹ 15-16 for 16 seater tempo
  3. ₹ 18-19 for 20 seater tempo
  4. ₹ 19-20 for Maharaja tempo

Please note: The above rates many change on high season dates, so please book a tempo in advance by calling us at 7232007704.

Tavera Car rental Jaipur

Tavera Car rental:

Along with Tempo traveller, we offer Tavera Car on rent, where 7-10 guests can sit in one car.

You can book our Tavera Car for local events in Jaipur for guests transportation, or for outstation trips.

View details on Tavera rental by clicking button below.

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Contact us to book a tempo traveller in Jaipur at:

Contact 1: +91 7232007704
Contact 2: +91 9821607440
Email: kukasguesthouse@gmail.com
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